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Hightech Natural Cosmetics from South Tyrol

Since 1986, the South Tyrolean family business has been developing and producing innovative and highly effective beauty, spa and wellness products based on the interplay of many years of experience and the use of the latest technologies in harmony with the genius of nature and the individual needs and experiences of the customers. TEAM DR JOSEPH is not only high-tech, but also certified organic and 100% natural.

In the selection of raw materials, the company attaches the highest importance to purity, quality and a sustainable cultivation of the plants.

Exclusive to selected top-class hotels and institutes, TEAM DR JOSEPH offers a holistic approach to unique treatments: results-driven and perfectly synchronized formulations tailored to the needs of the skin, carefully thought-out treatments with visible immediate results, pleasing textures and exquisite fragrances all pampering line.


Extras for the face in combination of a facial treatment

Tinting eyelashes

 15 min, € 15

Tinting eyebrows

 15 min, € 15

Correct eyebrows

 15 min, € 15

Tinting eyelashes and eyebrows

 20 min, € 25

Upper lip, mouth and nose waxing

 15 Min, € 25

Manicure / Pedicure

Express manicure

 30 min, € 50

Express pedicure

 30 min, € 50


 50 min, € 70​​


 50 min, € 70​​​​​​

Manicure or pedicure with varnish

 60 min, € 90​​​​​​​

Nail polish

 15 min, € 25​​​​​​​

Hair removal with wax


 25 Min, € 45


 25 min, € 45

Leg complete

 50 min, € 90

Lower leg

 25 min, € 45

Beauty for her & him

Express face treatment

 25 min, € 48

Soothing warm compresses prepare for the treatment. Reflex zones are massaged and stimulated in order to obtain a holistic effect on the body’s metabolism and organs, releasing blocked energy within the body.

Individual face treatment

 50/80 min, € 90/137

Clarity, freshness and natural beauty are the results of this individual treatment. After a careful cleansing ritual your skin is prepared as needed. Individual care with highly concentrated active agent serums, an intensive massage, a special mask and final care supply your skin optimally.

Cellular recreation face treatment

 80 min, € 137

A natural formula specially tailored to your skin needs, supported by a deeply relaxing pampering program. After detailed skin diagnosis, the ideal combination of active ingredients is created for you and the eyebrows are contoured on request. In combination with a highly effective intensive serum, a modulating facial massage and an intensive mask, concentrated active ingredients are deeply combined with your skin.

Advanced biolifting face treatment

 110 min, € 178

The holistic maximum program: Experience a truly unique beauty treatment. This intensive treatment with the flower stamp lifting massage supports the natural ability of your skin to self-regulate. By using the natural high-tech products such as the special serum and the intensive mask, your skin is goint to be visibly smoothed, recovered and radiantly beautiful.

Men power lifting

 50 min, € 90

Powerful, close to nature, powerful Thorough deep cleansing, refreshing peeling, vitalizing massage and special care - that's it. For a really good skin feeling and a dynamic radiance - from morning to night.

Cosmetic Treatments at the ONO Spa

It envelops and protects us: our skin, heavily stressed and exposed to external influences, often exposed. Give her a gentle care now and then. The soothing deep cleanings in the ONO Spa at The Mandala Hotel Berlin-Mitte cleanse and smooth your skin. Qualified and sensitive ONO Spa employees ensure that your appearance shines healthy and attractive again. For the exclusive face and body treatments, we rely exclusively on gentle, natural luxury care products. If your outer and inner beauty are in harmony again, treat yourself to a manicure. Or let our spa treatment suites transform you into a harmonious make-up. Enjoy beautiful and intense moments of relaxation in the ONO Spa Berlin-Mitte and book your desired date in time.

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