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Special offers for special requirements

Mother and Daughter / Son
Father and Daughter / Son

Take time to laugh, talk and enjoy together beneficial spa treatments that give you a good body sensation. Let yourself be pampered like queens / kings and take an intense family day in an extraordinary atmosphere.

Our relaxing recommendation for you:

Individual massage (experience special moments for two)

Enjoy individual massages together with one another in the same room, as well as the subsequent relaxation time together.

  • 50 min 180 €
  • 80 min 256 €
Dazzling radiance (radiantly beautiful - the facial treatment)

Clarity, freshness and natural beauty are the results of this joint treatment with an individual care goal.

  • 50 min 90 € per person
Touching Primal Power - (Inner Strength - Balance Chakra Treatment)

Their seven energy centers are strengthened by supporting the chakra oils and stimulate the detoxification process. Feel the tension drop off you.

  • 50 min 97 € per person

  • Deepening family bond
  • Escape from everyday life together
  • Share family moments

For the expectant mom

Being a mother is a very special time and one of the most wonderful moments in a woman's life. This physical and hormonal change requires special care and concern for herself and her body. The following applications promote your well-being during pregnancy.

The particularly beneficial effect for you now:

Stress-free - relaxed back (partial body massage)

During pregnancy, the spine is very stressed. With our special techniques during the massage we provide for an immediate relief.

  • 25 min 48 €
Benefit - deep massage of the face (facial lymph drainage)

Relaxation and relief with lasting effects through lymphatic drainage. This gentle facial massage makes the face appear new.

  • 25 min 48 €
Aura - impressively beautiful (individual facial treatment)

The radiance of a woman during pregnancy is unique. The skin changes during this phase and needs special needs. For our individual facial treatment we use only natural products that are individually tailored.

  • 50 min 90 €
Spa manicure or pedicure

Especially your feet are extremely stressed and need special care. Pamper your hands and feet with special picking techniques and a neat look.

  • 50 min. each 70 €

  • Feel physical relief
  • The soul is caressed
  • Full pampering and relaxation program
  • Increased well-being

We are happy to carry out the treatments from the 3rd to the 8th month, with the exception of high-risk pregnancies.

Powerful Business Start

New energy for the day - here in the ONO Spa you will find relaxation for body & mind above all during a busy working day - ideal during the lunch break, as after work treatment or to outwit the jet lag. Regenerate your energies and draw new strength.

Our recommendations for him:

Pure Manpower (facial treatment for men)

Intensive care for the face - deep, natural, refreshing.

  • 50 min 90 €
Manual therapy for an active life flow (Shiatsu)

The self-healing powers and the life energy are activated according to Asian healing knowledge.

The Shiatsu is performed according to ancient rites with clothing.

  • 60 min 120 €
Relaxing Leisure - Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage (Relaxing Head & Neck Massage)

With an intensive treatment of the feet we reach your entire organism.

Your body's powers are reactivated.

  • 30 min 68 €
Spa manicure & pedicure

Especially your feet are extremely stressed and need special care. Pamper your hands and feet with special picking techniques and a neat look.

  • 50 min. each 70 €

  • More relaxed and with more efficiency through the day
  • Increase the ability to concentrate
  • Balance and mental health
  • Promotion of mobility

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Your time-out at the ONO Spa

Lösen Sie sich mit unseren harmonisierenden Behandlungen vom Stress des Alltags. Beleben Sie Körper und Geist mit einer unserer vielfältigen Massagen im ONO Spa in Berlin Mitte. Hier finden Sie Ihre innere Balance wieder. Wohlbefinden hoch über dem Potsdamer Platz: dafür sorgen unsere spezialisierten Mitarbeiter, hochwertige Produkte und nicht zuletzt der grandiose Ausblick auf Berlins Zentrum. Zwischen klassischen Massagen und exklusiven Techniken wählen Sie das Passende für Ihre Auszeit. Ob klassische Hot-Stone-Massage oder die individuell auf Sie zugeschnittene Massage von Team Dr Josef, sie spenden Ihnen neue Kraft und Energie. Genießen Sie den ONO Spa auch in trauter Zweisamkeit mit einer romantischen Paarmassage oder mit Ihren Lieblingsmenschen und lassen Sie gemeinsam die Seele baumeln.