ONO Spa Therapist Olga ONO Spa Therapist Olga

Spa Therapist

Olga is an excellent massage talent.

Olga Stein is specialized when it comes to Lomi-Lomi and basalt stone massage that will bring true relaxation miracles to you.
Olga can also detoxification and purification treatments erform for you very professionally because of her many years of experience.

ONO Spa Therapist Sammi ONO Spa Therapist Sammi

Spa Therapist Sammi Beg

Sammi also offers yoga classes.

Sammi Beg's treatment specializations are extremely versatile. Not only the deep relaxing full-body oil massages will make your mind clearer, but also Panthai Luar, an Indonesian herbal stamp massage that combines different remedies and techniques in a wonderful way, will give you a sense of long-term recovery.

Popular treatment offers by Olga Stein

  • Lomi Lomi massages,
  • Basalt stone massages,
  • detoxification treatment,
  • purification treatment.
  • Trust and individuality of the guest are in the foreground.
  • Her daily goal is to combine a sense of relaxation and wellbeing with health benefits for her guests.

Popular treatment offers by Sammi Beg

  • Abhyanga (Ayurvedic) - full body massage,
  • Yoga classes: individual lessons or in groups (3-4 people),
  • Thai Yoga massage,
  • Couple treatment with active help,
  • Panthai Luar (Indonesian herbal stamp massage),
  • Shiroalphyanga: Head, neck and shoulder massage,
  • Padalphyanga: Foot and back massages.

An individually tailored spa treatment and the trust of the guest are important ingredients during the recovery phase.
The combination of well-being and relaxation with the health benefits of the guest is the daily goal of Olga Stein.

In addition, our ONO Spa therapist specializes in yoga and offers you a single course (60, - € p.P.) and yoga in groups (20, - € p.P.) between 3-4 people. Sammi's yoga classes focus on physical exercises and positions as well as breathing exercises.

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